Which Program is Right for You?

Long Term Exchange

Of an academic year's duration during which the student lives with more than one family and attends school in the host country. For long-term exchanges, the host Rotary club will provide a modest monthly allowance and usually pays the student's tuition for all required academic programs.

Short Term Exchange

Usually 6-8 weeks in duration.  It does not include an academic program and often takes place when schools are not in session (Summer - July and August). Matched with a student of same age in another country, you will spend 3-4 WEEKS during the summer living abroad with his/her family.  In exchange, your 'host' brother or sister will join you and your family at your home for a similar length of time

Exchanges can occur between any two countries in which there are Rotary clubs. Rotary clubs in approximately 70 different counties annually sponsor or host about 8,000 Youth Exchange students. Selection interviews are held by sponsoring Rotary Clubs in the fall of each year. Sponsoring clubs assist the student through the application process. Once the District approves the final application the committee places the student in their host country. A thorough orientation program for students and their parents is provided by the sponsoring Rotary District. The students receive a Welcome Packet from their host district to notify them of their placement and additional information they need to know about their host country. The host Rotary club provides support and guidance on the receiving end of the exchange.

While room and board for the exchanges is provided by the host family, the student and student's own family assume certain financial obligations. These include round-trip air transportation, clothing, health insurance and incidental expenses (pocket money) for the student.